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Anthony Macri Barrister & Solicitor
Anthony Macri Barrister & Solicitor

About Anthony Macri

Anthony Macri has practiced exclusively Family Law for almost 20 years.

He has represented married and unmarried parties, parents, child protection agencies, and children in a wide range of Family Law matters. He has appeared in the Ontario Court of Justice, the Superior Court of Justice, and frequently in the Court of Appeal. In addition, Anthony’s unique Family Law background includes eleven years as Legal Counsel with The Children’s Aid Society of Toronto.

Anthony is so good at what he does because he takes the time to understand the family dynamic, personalities, and cultural influences.

“I love this part of my job. I believe that every family situation is unique, and take my time to figure out all of the moving pieces. This step is crucial because it helps me to identify the best and the most appropriate option for the family. A ‘cookie cutter’ approach will never address the unique needs of the adults and the children within a specific family unit,” Anthony says.

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