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    There are a variety of solutions for each family. Such as:

    Separation & Divorce

    Sometimes court is the only option for families. In these situations I have extensive experience and a practical process to guide you through the system. This will help you find the best way to use court to help you achieve your goals and/or a speedy resolution

    Mediation and Arbitration

    Before a family resorts to the court system, it should consider mediating your family law problem. I am an accredited mediator and can help your family settle its dispute before things get costly and out of control.

    For example: In a recent divorce case, the parties were in substantial agreement on the child custody and access issues – but were nowhere near an agreement on spousal support or equalization. I encouraged the parties to mediate the child issues to clarify any uncertainty. Once the child issues were addressed, the parties moved to court to resolve the more challenging matters. Within a short period of time, the remaining issues were settled to the client’s satisfaction.

    There are cases where mediation only goes so far and you need someone to settle the dispute between the parties. In these cases I can act as an arbirator. This is often a quicker and more effective way to settle your dispute once mediation has failed. As an arbitrator, I make the decision. Once I have gained a familiarity of you and your family’s dynamics in mediation, it is much quicker to enter into an arbitration process so your family can move on from the dispute.

    Parenting Coordination

    Once parties have a parenting plan in place, they sometimes need to fine tune the plan when differences or the unexpected occurs. This is called parenting coordination – the process of implementing a parenting plan through mediation at first and then arbitration, if necessary. I can act as a parenting coordinator in those situations for a speedy and cost-effective method of solving your parenting dispute.

    Child Protection

    Sometimes things become too overwhelming and government child protection authorities become involved. If it is a child protection case, because I understand how the child protection system works, I can correctly advise clients about what they can do to maximize the chances of keeping their children with them and/or getting their children returned as quickly as possible.

    Here are some helpful legal resources below for you to consult. If you have any questions about this information, please call today to schedule a consultation.

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    Legal Definitions

    • Family Law – If you are involved in a separation or divorce, you need to know your rights, responsibilities and entitlements for custody, access, child support, spousal support and equalization.
    • Child Custody Law – If you have a child, or have been involved with raising another person’s child, you need to know your rights and responsibilities for this child.
    • Child Protection Law – If you are involved with a child protection agency, or children’s aid society, you need to know your rights and those of your children.