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    Anthony Macri Featured On CUTV News Radio

    Dec 06, 2018

    Toronto ON – Anthony Macri has been a superior Family law attorney for over 21 years.

    “I offer a holistic approach to solving family problems and that’s one of the big differences when you retain me,” says Anthony. “With my functional practical advice I hold the well-being of my clients and their children in the highest regard.”

    Anthony’s approach to the practice of law is as unassuming as it is selfless. Anthony will absolutely not take cases where the parent is not making their child a priority in the matter.

    Anthony’s family law practice emphasizes the whole notion that children are our future and the way they are treated and educated are a critical factor in how they engage in the world as compassionate human beings.

    “When it comes to dealing with the impact of and changes following a divorce, it’s essential that parents have their priorities straight and implement them accordingly,” says Anthony. “People’s first priority should always be the well-being of their children. Parents must be mindful of the fact that their children will be affected by the changes their parents are making in their life for the rest of the child’s life. Your spouse may stop being your spouse, they will not stop being the child’s other parent. You two will be connected through your children for the rest of your life.”

    It is so important for parents to remain amicable with each other and with no animosity and to create a nurturing loving environment so their child’s future will be rosy and bright for their children and grandchildren long after the divorce is settled.

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